Gallery of Work

  • Writing Desk

    Writing Desk

    This writing desk belonged to the father of a long time family friend.

  • Sanctuary Furniture

    Sanctuary Furniture

    A local church was remodeling their sanctuary & we were given the task of refinishing…

  • Dresser 2

    Dresser 2

    This oak dresser had survived the house fire of a friend. It was her favorite…

  • Dresser 1

    Dresser 1

    After years spent in an old garage, this dresser has earned a place of honor…

  • Library Table

    Library Table

    This retired library desk was in rough shape. The clients had a marble top they…

  • Dark Oak Chair

    Dark Oak Chair

    Basic oak chair with dark varnish. Stripped & refinished to bring out the beauty underneath.

  • Windsor Chair

    Windsor Chair

    Windsor chair with a brand new seat.

  • Rocker with Herringbone Pattern

    Rocker with Herringbone Pattern

    This old rocker had seen better days! And now better days are on the way…

  • 100 year-old Love Seat

    100 year-old Love Seat

    This love seat is about 100 years old & in need of a new finish…

  • Rocker Refinished and Canned

    Rocker Refinished and Canned

    Time for an overhaul! All ready for grandparents & grandkids to rest & rock!

  • Larger Dresser

    Larger Dresser

    Big red dresser grows up

  • Trunk Refinished

    Trunk Refinished

    The client requested that we strip the paint from the embossed metal & repaint all…

  • Trunk Clean Up

    Trunk Clean Up

    The owner of this cool trunk just wanted us to clean it up a little.…

  • Machinist Toolbox

    Machinist Toolbox

    This machinist toolbox was on it way to the trash when someone thought it might…

  • Writers Desk

    Writers Desk

    This old writer's desk came to us in pieces. After fixing the legs, drawer, and…

  • Child’s Rocker

    Child’s Rocker

    Child’s rocker with a new splint seat that will last a couple more generations at…