At Maple Hill Restorations, we give free estimates on all the work we do as well as free local pick up and delivery. We can totally refinish your piece or just get you off to a good start by stripping only. A total refinishing includes minor repairs, stripping, sanding when needed, staining, and finishing. We work closely with other local professionals to provide minor construction repair and upholstery services. A related part of our business is seat weaving. We currently do hole -to- hole caning, pre-woven cane, fiber rush, danish cord, wicker repair, and porch seat weaving. As we work with your item, we will be in contact with you to let you know how things are going and ask any questions we may have along the way.

Hand Stripping

Hand stripping is done by brushing on a chemical stripper, letting sit a while, then scrapping it off along with the old finish. This can either be a fairly quick process or a very lengthy one depending on whether piece is painted or stained and how many nooks and crannies there are to work around.


Staining is done only after all the old finished is removed and the item is totally clean. It is applied with a brush or a rag until the desired color is achieved.


A finish coat can be many different things including polyurethane, shellac, tung oil, lacquer and others. Several coats are applied with ample time in between to dry so we can get it just right.


We use a variety of materials & patterns for weaving chairs.   Depending on the construction of the chair, the customer can often times choose a material that is different than the original.  Giving an old chair a new look is always a rewarding process!